My Complimentary Services are tailored to achieve a maximum sale price for you, ideally a Record Sale Pricewith a Smooth, Turn-Key Transaction! If you would like to sell your home for top price with cutting-edge, sophisticated marketing and focused negotiations on your behalf, call me at (408) 258-6400 or email me at I look forward to speaking with you!

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“There are a lot of real estate brokers, but very few excellent ones. You are one of the excellent ones.” — Leigh & Mike C.

“Catherine could have stopped with staging and marketing our home and the 16 offers, and we would have been happy with the top offer out of the 16. But instead, she took that extra step and negotiated even more for us to get our sale price 3.3% higher. Catherine cares and seems to really enjoy negotiating for her clients.” — Sheri J.

“The sales price and the time on the market (again, due to Catherine’s strategy) was far and beyond our expectations.” — Julie P.