My Complimentary Services are tailored to achieve a maximum sale price for you, ideally a Record Sale Pricewith a Smooth, Turn-Key Transaction! If you would like to sell your home for top price with cutting-edge, sophisticated marketing and focused negotiations on your behalf, call me at (408) 258-6400 or email me at cg@cgprop.us. I look forward to speaking with you!

I feature some of the homes I have marketed here as examples of my services. Please know many agents fill their websites with homes that are not their own listings but those of different agents in their office to give you the impression they sell many more homes than they actually do. I believe the standard should not be how many homes you sell, but how well you market and negotiate and how well you serve the highest interests of your clients. I would much rather focus my energies and enthusiasm on you and your home than fill this website with all the homes I have Sold.